Fiore was an inspiring and instrumental member of the Fab Lab Network, always a step ahead of everyone, able to fix any technical problem in the blink of an eye and capable of inspiring generations of fabbers with his crazy ideas.
We miss him and we will carry his fab spirit with us, forever.

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Fiore's Eulogy - Thoughts and remembrances from the global Fab Community

Fiore will always be in our hearts, memories and code

In memory of our dear friend, we’ve created an annual FabXScholarship fund to help Fabricademy & Fabacademy students attend their graduation and planned to host distributed Memorial Services around the world.
Most of them will be held during the annual Fab Conferences. Next year it will happen in Montreal, Canada!

Fiore Basile Scholarship

Worldwide Memorial Services

Gathering together for Fiore

Together with the Fab Family, we will be organizing annual memorial services across the world to memorialize Fiore's spirit.

List will be continuosly updated.
— January 2020, Kochi (India)
— FABXLIVE: July 2020
— TBC: Fall 2020, Barcelona (Spain)
— FAB16: July 2021, Montreal (Canada)

Fiore Basile Scholarship

Fiore Basile | FabX Scholarship

Supporting Academany Students' Graduation

Academany Graduation is a time when the community embraces students’ achievements, welcomes them to the network and to a world of opportunities, enabled by their personal pursuit of how to make (almost) anything!
Fiore’s dream was to have all of the atoms of all graduates from around the world attend the FABx Conference, after spending 6 months of classes together as online bits.