Fiore pixel portrait

Creative, Coder, Entrepeneur, Maker, who made fundamental contributions to the growth of the Fab Lab Movement Worldwide

Fiore Basile was born November 28, 1975 in Messina, Italy.
Coding since he was a child, he started his life hosting a BBS in his room in the late ’80s. At the age of eighteen, he moved to Tuscany where he earned a Computer Science degree from the University of Pisa. There, he founded two ITC startups being among the firsts, in Italy, offering web and mobile publishing services such as multimodal interfaces, service oriented architecture, and embedded systems.
During his career as a developer, he created web and mobile apps for the most important Italian Newspapers (La Repubblica, La Stampa, Gruppo Editoriale L’Espresso..), managed EU IST research projects and consulted for companies over 20 years, working in the field of E-health and Digital Preservation.

In his late thirties, Fiore realized that software alone wasn’t enough to make a real impact in the world. He left his company and founded Fab Lab Cascina inside the Polo Tecnologico with Troy Nachtigall. He became involved in the Fab Lab Network, joining the Fab Academy — How to Make (Almost) Anything, global course in digital fabrication. He traveled weekly to Sitges to study under local instructor Francisco Sanchez.
After graduating Fab Academy, he evolved Fab Lab Cascina. In 2015 Fab Lab Toscana was founded as the first regional network of distributed Fab Labs (Fab Lab Cascina, Fab Lab Contea, Santa Chiara Lab, Fab Lab Firenze). Together they provided digital fabrication tools access and resources aiming to connect people, projects and infrastructure for a future of distributed manufacturing and education for all of Tuscany.

In 2017, together with his partner Claudia Simonelli, Fiore started Fabctory, a company of design and innovation that offers fabrication setup services. With the goal of training the network and implementing local production of global design around the world, Fiore helped labs and companies establish digital fabrication hubs using the micro-factory model. He also co-founded the Fabricademy — Textile and Technology Academy, together with Anastasia Pistofidou and Cecilia Raspanti: global course at the intersection of textiles, digital fabrication and biology aiming to innovate the textile industry.

Fiore's contributions to the Fab community were epic in nature as became the lead manager of infrastructure for multiple educational programs in the Fab Lab network such as Fab Academy and Bio Academy.
He managed Fab Cloud, the IT infrastructure for the entire Fab Lab Network serving as Chief Information Officer, better known as Bit Ninja for the Fab Foundation.
As a mentor, educator and digital fabrication trainer, Fiore gave lectures and talked in graduate and post-graduate courses worldwide, alongside his endless energy and dedication to workshops and bootcamps in Fab Labs world over.

In his spare time he enjoyed riding his motorcycle, making digital art projects, researching in the field of Wearable Technology, Affective Computing and constructing educational installations, such as the World's largest Arduino compatible board, built in Dubai in 2017.